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Your comments: The Kindergarten Band

March 6, 2015

Evidently my experience in kindergarten struck a chord with a number of readers. I guess I wasn’t the only musically-challenged preschooler. Let’s start with Cara:

That was a very cute story! Reminds me of when I got thrown out of marching band for going the wrong way 😉

Rita said:

This made me cry ~ I also had an oblivious kindergarten teacher who smashed my ego…

Scott adds:

I LOVE the drawing of little Ed with the cymbals. The look of sheer ecstasy is so endearing. It makes what happens next even more heartbreaking.

Barbara was justifiably incensed:

Ed, no embarrassment here. The teacher was insensitive. Shame on her. I had three little boys and that is not OK!!

Linda recalls:

This is like the chorus teacher at Lake Air Jr High telling me just to mouth the words, not sing out loud.  My very loud voice was usually off-key.  Fortunately the choir director at church let me sing out loud anyway.

From Suellen:

I still remember not making the 9th grade cheerleading team.

Alan remembers:

OMG! That brought back a memory. I was relegated to “rhythm sticks” in pre-school. It appeared that I had no musical ability whatsoever, so that was where those of us with this awful disability were put. I was mortally ashamed! To make matters worse, I don’t think I was very adept at those “rhythm sticks” either.

Robert reacts to my blog post about Selma:

This subject strikes a chord with me, and I wanted to write and thank you. I moved to Waco in 1954 at the age of 6 from Kansas City, Kansas, and I thought the Jim Crow part of life in Waco was creepy.  I particularly remember the segregated drinking fountains at Baylor Stadium.  When you’re a little kid injustice seems impossible to resist, and you just accept it as a bit of unpleasant reality.

Thanks for all your comments.