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Your comments–Home for Supper

October 30, 2015

The latest Sleeper Ave. story, “Home for Supper,” brought back childhood memories for a number of readers.

I often regret that my children, now a grown, didn’t have the luxury of the kind of unstructured play so many people of my generation enjoyed.

The freedom we experienced–roaming the neighborhood unsupervised for hours and hours day after day, letting our imaginations run wild–likely would be considered neglect today. Of course, we weren’t alone. Most of the houses in the hood were occupied by stay-at-home moms during the day, so we were never more than a few feet from help if we needed it.

Elinor said:

This was a good memory. For me it was a flashback to my “African adventures.” We had a fairly large service yard with lots of trees and shade, and a ditch surrounded with ivy on both sides. A water hose coupled with my imagination created a river in the African jungle. A lean-to my brother built was my jungle shelter. It was great fun.


You really captured it. I vividly remember those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Playing games with neighborhood friends all day: cowboys and indians, hide-and-seek, red rover, capture the flag and, best of all, just goofing off. One day a friend and I rode our bikes all the way downtown and back (the “back” part was more arduous since we were getting tired by then). But what an adventure! Of course, we also did a few things we would never tell our parents about!. Summer seemed like it would never end — until it did. Thank you for bringing it all back, even if just in memories. It’s too bad our grandchildren will never get to experience such a magical time.


I had the same long, free summer days as a kid. Perhaps kids are so scheduled and structured now because so many moms work outside the home.


Priceless! “Nothing” must be the most frequently used answer to prying questions from parents. I said it to mine and my kids said it to me. But I’m content – they’ll get their just deserts some day 😉