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Your Comments: Four Fingers and More

April 12, 2015

In my last blog I wrote about my habit of drawing hands with four fingers instead five. I wasn’t sure when I posted it if anyone would be interested in the mundane details of drawing comic strips, but some folks found it worthy of comment.

Laurie didn’t mind the oddity of the missing digit:

I love the look of four fingers – makes it unique!

Mary also had the experience of drawing Disney characters:

The four fingers seemed absolutely natural to me as I also grew up trying to draw Disney characters. Pluto was the hardest for me get just right.

Then there was Cara, who gave the response any writer would love:

I didn’t even notice that! Guess I was too busy reading :)

My cousin Barney wrote to me about the flipbooks I used to make when we were kids. I’m guessing everyone remembers them. Each page had a picture on it, and when you flipped through them rapidly with your thumb, you got a short animated film. I was mesmerized by them, and went through hundreds of index cards, which were just the right thickness, making my own animations. I was convinced that I was going to be then next Walt Disney, but when it came to animation I never got past making flip books.

Comments are still coming in from readers recalling their favorite early television shows. This from James:

The seminal shows for out two girls were Mr. Rogers and Full House.  Our oldest, about to turn 28 in two days, would walk into the living room where we had the TV hidden in a cabinet. She would simply say, “Rogers,” and sit down with her legs crossed in front of the unopened cabinet.

David shares this memory:

I was from outside Philadelphia, and also remember Sally Star, mentioned by one of your other readers. I got to see her at a live promotion at a local grocery store. It was all very exciting for a 5 year old in the last 1950’s.

Finally, the story “Commies” brought back chilling memories for Sharron:

This was so very troubling. 1960-61 we lived on an Air Force base in SC and the alarm sirens would wail unexpectedly at 2 or 3 in the morning…so loud and ominous.  My father, a master pilot, was to get dressed and be standing at attention beside his plans with packed bag beside him within 15 minutes.  Mother kept the bag packed to ensure quick response.  So disturbing. This did not happen once or thrice ( do people use that word today?) but maybe ten times over several weeks.  My husband and I are remembering the Cuban missile crisis and I wonder if that was the reason.  He always made it on time.

Actually this has me quite anxious just writing about these occasions.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll post another story on Wednesday, as usual.