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What You Said: Duck and Cover

June 26, 2015

Judging from the responses I got from readers, pretty much everyone of a certain age remembers duck and cover drills.


Same “drill” so to speak in Omaha at that time. Very scary and we had SAC Air Force Base in our vicinity, so we were sure we would be first!

Now we just have to fear crazies with handguns.


Looking back at those suggestions to “duck and cover” if you see a bright white light makes me realize just how naive and totally unprepared we actually were.

I can vividly remember those CD films, narrated by that cigarette- addled voice, scared the bejesus out of us all.
Such a simple and fun part of my life. Just think, the ‘boogeyman’ didn’t get us. So I guess the drills did help after all.

Great story and trip down memory lane.


Ed-do you remember the other fear of nuclear annihilation? Global cooling? kind of like a massive irradiated Krakatoa covering the Earth for 2 years.


I remember being in Mrs. Christopherson’s 4th grade class at Hillcrest Elementary and sirens going off and all of us having to get under our desks. I don’t know that I was ever scared, but I do remember being amused by it all. I guess my parents protected me from the terrors that “might could” happen.


Growing up during that time in Florida, (maybe a couple of years later) we got to add the Cuban missile crisis to the duck and cover drills. We had to bring canned food, blankets and bottled water to school in case we had to shelter there from the commies coming thru Cuba, or a hurricane! Being only 2 miles from the SAC base at MacDill, we had lots of flyovers too! All were terrifying.

Those were the days my friend!


I still remember that vividly. But the absurdity of hiding under your desk didn’t hit me until quite a bit later…


I remember them very well. I lived within a 10 mile radius of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. I wonder if anyone else remembers that we were required to wear military style dog tags? I remember it clearly, but looking back through the lens of time, I can’t believe the powers that be required little kids to wear dog tags so our bodies could be identified. Yikes!


I vividly remember those duck & cover exercises at school. I found them both amusing and frightening. Amusing because, like you, I knew it was a real joke. Frightening because there actually was a real threat. I also remember some enterprising person who decided to cash in on this scare. On a vacant lot near our home, someone was selling “bunkers”. They were fairly small concrete domes that could maybe accommodate one person hunkered over. Another joke.


Oh my. I remember that house blowing up into matchsticks ~ Scared the heck out of me, since we KNEW that New York would be hit first.


Anyone else have the “Duck.. and Cover” song going through your mind as you read this?? lol


I suspect everyone our age remembers the Civil Defense drills, and crouching under our desks at school. Our family had a fallout shelter in our basement, complete with cots, water, canned foods, windows covered with sandbags, etc. Now it seems totally ineffective, but I know our dad was trying to protect us based on instructions from Civil Defense. I also recall seeing my dad read the newspaper accounts and listen to the radio reports when the Bay of Pigs incident was so scary – but I never really understood how serious it was at the time…a good thing I think.