Houses with antenna


The Little Screen

March 8, 2015

My kids, who are in their mid-twenties now, have no concept of what it was like to live without the glories of instant communication. They’re on their computers, their tablets, their smart phones all day long. I confess that I struggle to resist the unceasing siren call of text messages and email (And YouTube). I feel naked if I forget my phone when I leave the house.

When the kids were in college, if I didn’t at least get a text daily, I was in a panic. Forty years earlier, when I was in college, we had no laptops, no cell phones, and calls were expensive. My parents had to content themselves with a very short call to the dorm phone once a month on Sunday to make sure I was still alive and well. How did they manage to stay sane?
Antenna1Roll the clock back another ten years, and my sister and I were obsessed with television, that miracle of modern technology, with its seductive glowing screen and fantastic moving images. It would be nothing short of heaven on Earth to have that magical device in our own living room!.

If only Dad would buy one.

The irony today is that neither of my kids owns a tv, or particularly wants one. They get everything they desire on their phones and laptops. If they want to watch a sporting event live, there’s always the bar down the street.

But in the heyday of “I love Lucy” and Jackie Gleason, tv was it, and we wanted one so bad it hurt.

The next Sleeper Ave. story is about the arrival of television in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned.