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January 30, 2015

Thanks again for all your comments and reminiscences. Here’s more. Adonna writes:

I lived at 3917 Maple until I was 9 and then we moved out to Mt Carmel Dr. I remember that tornado because we had to hide under my grandmother’s stairs but when the wind stopped blowing my brother, Jack, and I went outside to gather hailstones to keep to show our daddy. Well, daddy was not too excited about seeing more hailstones since the windows in our car were broken out or badly cracked. What a day that was.


Absolutely loved it! My story would be “Lasker Ave.”. Can’t wait until the next one!


Very memorable for us all..fabulous interpretation..loved the way you told the story…


I still remember it so well. Murky green sky, my mother and I huddled down in the opening of a closet floor leading to the crawl space under the house. My dad had been working on AC system of the R.T. Dennis Bldg. and got out just before it toppled. The electrician working there with him sadly did not get out in time.


Remember it was pitch black with hail stones that seems the size of baseballs.


Ed, thanks. It is was a very enjoyable twist to that eventful day. My uncle ran the restaurant across the street  from R.T. Dennis.


It’s wonderful! Although I didn’t move to Waco until 3rd grade, I remember hearing about the devastating tornado. I loved horny toads–had many as pets! Thanks so much!


Thank you for writing this story. It is just like I remember Waco too! Small town, Dad just getting out of WWII, etc.


Like! More please.


Just read the first installment of Sleeper Ave. All I can say is “WOW”.


I enjoyed reading the first issue of Sleeper. I was struck by the listing of the people who died, where for each black person the name was followed by “a negro.” Times have certainly changed, but we still have a long way to go.