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Life’s Little Lessons

March 3, 2015

A big part of growing up is learning how to handle disappointment. All of us have moments when life is simply unfair. I don’t know if I was inordinately attuned to those little setbacks when I was a child, but I seem to remember my frequent stumbles more vividly than I do my occasional triumphs.

Another big part of growing up is learning to laugh at oneself. Given the seemingly unending series of tiny humiliations I remember suffering, I certainly had plenty of opportunity to develop that skill; perhaps that’s how I ended up being a cartoonist.

The next Sleeper Ave. story concerns my first memory of one of those little indignities. It really did happen, and at the time I was crushed.

I find the whole thing hilarious now, and hope you enjoy the tale of “The Kindergarten Band,” which I’ll post on Wednesday.