Houses with antenna


From Outer Space

May 12, 2015

The combination of the Red Scare and the beginning of the space age made for an unsettled time in America. The Russians had the Bomb and they had beaten us into space. We were in a deadly competition that had the potential to destroy all life on the planet. The idea that beings could fly in space led to other terrors.

Movies and television shows about alien visitations were all the rage. Were they friendly, beings from advanced cultures here to give us the gifts of advanced technologies and miraculous medical cures, or were they here to enslave us, wipe us all out, take our planet from us?

All of a sudden, people were seeing unidentified flying objects in the sky. Many Americans believed that we were being visited by other life forms from outer space. Others thought that the Russians had developed technologies we hadn’t yet dreamed of.

Then, one day, there was a mysterious apparition in the skies over Waco.

Wednesday’s story is about the strange lights that hovered over our town one summer.