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Do You Believe in Magic?

March 31, 2015

When do we stop believing in magic?

When we’re kids, anything and everything seems possible. We dream we can fly. We think we can make things appear and disappear if only we wish hard enough. We know for certain that deep inside we have some special talent that nobody else possesses, just waiting to make itself known to the world.

And just where will that unique ability come from? How will it be released? A fairy godmother will appear in the night and wave her wand. Tinker Bell will shower us with pixie dust. We will find Aladdin’s lamp. The genie might even be hiding in that old tarnished thing in the back of the cupboard. Rub it and find out.

Early TV was nothing short of sorcery. Westerns and space operas and comedy and music all contained in a little glowing box. Movies in your own living room. Turn a little dial and they sprang to life. It was miraculous!

Then there were the daring souls who risked all to go before the camera live each afternoon to entertain us kids. They were the real magicians. Waco had two of those brave pioneers. Channel 6 had Zeebo the Clown, who could transform any drawing a child might produce into something different and wonderful.

Channel 10 had Uncle Elihu, and his sidekick P.J. Possum. They had their own special magic, and I wanted a share it.

It would give away the next story to say much more.