Houses with antenna

I started working in earnest yesterday on the Sleeper Ave. book, a collection of the stories I’ve been posting for the past year.

One of the difficulties in creating a book from a web page is that the formats for print and the web are entirely different. Essentially, I’m starting over; I have to reconstruct each story from scratch. Yes, I’ve saved the art in a hi-res format, but I have to resize each drawing individually, then insert it, and do the same with each block of text, which also needs to be resized and converted to a different font.

I’ve tried several different programs for creating books, most of which are designed for publications that are primarily text; few of them are designed to allow significant flexibility in placing art and text on the same page. I’ve settled on a fairly robust program, which I now have to teach myself how to use. I spent most of the day today familiarizing myself with the basics, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to make this one work. There is a steep learning curve, though.

Last week was spent researching printing options. There are any number of online book publishers, each of which presents its own challenges and advantages. I found that really wasn’t happy with the thought of not working directly with a printer. Fortunately, Denver has a wealth of printing houses that can deliver a finished book at a reasonable cost, so I’m pretty sure that I can deliver the finished product within a reasonable amount of time, and at a price point that won’t shock you.

So, on to the next step: please let me know if you’d like a copy (or copies) of the book when it’s available, and how many you’d like, and I’ll make sure to reserve one (or more) for you.

Thanks, and have a happy New Year.