Houses with antenna


Blue Sky, Green Grass

May 5, 2015

After years of rumors, the Apple watch is finally a reality. It may be the first Apple product that I will never buy; I can’t think of any reason I might ever want one. Of course, I was a cell phone holdout, and now my iPhone is a constant companion. I saw no need for an iPad, but now I can’t imagine living without one.

I must take after my Dad, who was a technophobe before the term was coined. As I chronicled in an earlier story, he wouldn’t buy a television until there were at least two channels in Waco. He was deaf to my sister’s and my endless pleading and begging. Part of it was his innate distrust of new stuff, and most of it, I suspect, was that we had very little money to spare in those days.

No sooner did we (finally!) have our first television, something I had longed for for more than a year as I jealously watched every other house on the block sprout an antenna, than a new and even more exciting device appeared. I had naively thought that I would be happy forever with the amazing small screen in our living room, until I saw a color TV for the first time.

Suddenly, the drab black and white and grey images that had been so intoxicating the day before seemed dull and boring. But Dad, as usual, was unmoved.

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