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Twister Revisited

February 27, 2015

More reactions to the latest Sleeper Ave. story, “Tornado Tales,” which revisits the tornado that struck Waco, Texas, in 1953.

You might want to take a look at Mike Peterson’s “Comic Strip of the Day,” post yesterday, in which he gives Sleeper Ave. a nice writeup. If you’re a comics fan, Peterson’s site is a must read. Here’s what he has to say about my latest post:

Ed Stein is up to the fifth installment of Sleeper Ave., which has been examining his boyhood memories of a devastating tornado, and of the polio epidemic.

No, not exactly boffo yuks, but very nicely handled and worth a bookmark or (better yet) signing up for email episodes.

I chose this panel from the latest update — he does both color and black-and-white, depending on whether he’s depicting his own experience or the existing record — because not only is the question raised one of the great immortal questions, but because it reminded me of something I was told by a seismologist in 2005, when I was writing an explainer for kids about an earthquake in Islamabad.

He said that “earthquakes don’t kill people; buildings do.”

Alan says:

A very interesting mix of artistic styles and color. Spreading your wings a bit, huh? Good to see continued growth in an old man.

Hey!!! Not so old I can’t still handle a pen.

Miriam says:

Sleeper Ave. is making me look forward to Wednesdays! As usual, I raced through the story, loved the final twist, and went back to savor the images.

From Deanne:

Ed’s done it again!

I assume this is meant to be praise for the latest story.


Great tornado musing. I’m glad you’re doing this.

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